pivot zine launches

The cover of the winter 2010 issue of pivot zine features Copenhagen's Nyhavn Harbour.

Pivot zine finally launches. It is fitting to publish it at the start of 2010. Six years ago, while in graduate school for journalism at Syracuse University, I subscribed to Ed2010, a Web community of magazine editors — real and wannabe — who aspired to be editors by the year 2010. Now I can finally say that I am no longer a wannabe. The winter 2010 issue of pivot zine is the first time that I have published a piece of work that has only my imprint on it. I served as the writer, editor and graphic designer of this issue.

Truth be told: launching pivot zine was no easy feat. When I began this project in September 2009, I had aimed for a December launch. I envisioned pivot zine as its own Web site. I grandly aspired to churn out a new issue every three months. As the winter months approached, I realized that I should have taken a class before attempting to build a Web site from scratch, or at least hired someone to do it for me. Other unforeseen developments took time away from the magazine; I started a full-time new job, went on vacation with my boyfriend and the holidays inevitably tugged me into their orbit. For these reasons, I decided to launch pivot zine as part of a new blog on arts and culture that will be updated regularly, with occasional free bonus issues during the year.

Despite some setbacks, I am proud of pivot zine’s content. There is something for everyone. In this launch issue, you will find: book reviews, a story about a new design and salvaged goods blog, an article about women in theatre, a travel piece on Copenhagen, the profile of a Peace Corps volunteer in Samoa, features on food trends and businesses in Brooklyn, a how-to article on citizen journalism, and an opinion on vegetarianism. These are all topics on my mind that I want to share with you.

Get started by downloading the current issue here: pivot zine winter 2010



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